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Lori is a product of public education. She attended public schools from grade school through college, and after earning her teaching license, she eventually became a teacher in the Milwaukee Public School system. Now, both of her children attend public schools in Kenosha county.

For decades, Wisconsin has boasted an incredible public school system, but we have seen our public schools come under attack over the last seven years. Since 2011, Governor Walker and Republican leaders have divested from our public education and funneled money into unaccountable voucher schools. In fact, Wisconsin has seen a 9 percent reduction in our state's investment in public education since Republicans took control of our state. These cuts are having disastrous effects on our local communities, and you don't need to look much further than our district to find proof. Earlier this year, Westosha Central High School made the incredibly hard decision to layoff seven staff members. Among these layoffs were math, business, and technical education -- all crucial subjects for Wisconsin's quickly evolving economy.

It is clear that education is not a priority for leaders in our state, but it is not too late for Wisconsin. By electing people that know the importance of education, we can make Wisconsin the gold standard it once was.

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